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Sex education - Wikipedia Sex education is the instruction of issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity.

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Mathematically Gifted | Hoagies' Gifted Mathematically Gifted. Our goal for all children needs to be math literacy, but what are the unique needs of the math-gifted child, and how can we meet them?

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Developing Math Talent: A Guide for Educating Gifted and. Developing Math Talent: A Guide for Educating Gifted and Advanced Learners in Math (9781593631598): Susan Assouline Ph.D., Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik Ph.D.: Books

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2e Students: Who Are They and What Do They Need? Twice-exceptional Students: Who Are They and What Do They Need? By Micaela Bracamonte. March, 2010. Who Are 2e Students?

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ACCELERATION FOR GIFTED STUDENTS - ACCELERATION FOR GIFTED STUDENTS: A background paper created for the Portland Public School District Talented and Gifted Advisory Committee

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Gifted in Middle School | Hoagies' Gifted Gifted in Middle School - is it a difficult time of transition or a missed opportunity for education? Research tells us...

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London GTi | Helping Teachers Challenge Learners London Gifted & Talented is an organisation that was set up to stretch and challenge more able students and build the capacity of their educators to do the same.

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The Middle Ages: Lessons Take Students Back in Time. Use these creative cross-curriculum ideas for exploring the Middle Ages with students at all grade levels.